Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chapter 3 response

This chapter struck a lot of notes with me. Throughout my childhood and well into my teen years, my parents were absent quite a bit of the time. We saw them at night when we ate dinner, but the day belonged to us. My parents were not neglectful of us at all. They called many times during the day to make sure we were doing what we were supposed to. Their physical absence is what made some of the times in my youth difficult. Since the chapter touches base a lot on how humans are essentially dependent and require an adequate amount of socialization with their families and those closest to them. There were also references to the movie “Mean Girls”. I identified with that movie quite a bit due to the fact that my high school experience was much like the clique filled environment depicted in the film. Socialization among teenagers in high school is largely segregated into cliques. 

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