Monday, October 10, 2011

Response to chapter 7

There are things in my life that relate to deviance in many ways. I have deviated from society's standards as far as high school goes. I graduated with a below average gpa.
I was pulled out of the closet by my parents as they made all manner of efforts to get and squash whatever demon I had inside of me telling me I was gay. I wasn't really part of any sub-culture in high school as there wasn't a set group of people that I liked to associate with. In all honesty there were very few people that payed any attention to me during those years. s deviants from conformity themselves, it made the loneliness just a little bit more bearable. If there weren't any deviance from the beaten and worn out path how would we progress as a  society, country, species and people?
It is because of that thinking outside of the box mentality that we enjoy the many technological advances that are present in our every day lives. Being different...not a deviant.

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