Monday, October 17, 2011

Response to chapter 9

This chapter spoke to me about social statuses around the world and just how unfair a caste system can be. This to me compromises a gross oversight because we in the United States still retain social statuses but we do not demote or ignore human rights simply because of the individual socioeconomical situation of a person. Although this does happen in certain areas in the US it is generally accepted as bad manner and unacceptable behavior. Gender issues are something else that adds to the stratification of cultures. As discussed in class, there are cultures who revere males who take so-called "feminine" roles in a household or in a community. This is more appealing to me not just because I am a gay man seeking to eliminate the stereotypes associated with my subculture, but because I try every day to break general stereotypes on what a male is expected to do in a predominantly masculine society.

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