Monday, October 3, 2011

Response to chapter 2

This chapter spoke quite a bit about to cultural and social influences that we encounter in our world today. From  the way we raise our kids to how we produce and prepare our food. Everything that we as people have done or will do is influenced directly by how our individual culture. This chapter also addresses gender roles and why we assume or reject the parts we are socially designated to play in our society; such as the sexualization of women and targeted advertising as a means to sell a particular product geared towards the female. It addresses a man’s role in a dominantly male society where prolific business moguls and entrepreneurs who coincidingly are men, do not face such issues as gender discrimination or glass ceilings in the workplace. The very function of how men and women interact with their surroundings is broken down and explained in sometimes hard to believe examples. Overall it was a very engaging chapter

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